Friday, July 29, 2011

Live Music in Visit7th-land for July 29th-31st

Wild Rooster
Friday 10:00 PM- Phantom Caste
Saturday 10:00 PM- Hadden Sayers

Pour House
Friday- Random Axis
Saturday- The Inflatable Love Boys

Capital Bar
Friday 9:30 PM- Look Out
Saturday 9:30 PM- Bender

Magnolia Motor Lounge
Friday 8:30 PM- Tim Hood Trio
Saturday 8:30 PM- Blue Sky Bandits w/ Christa Russell

Lola's Saloon
Friday 10:00 PM- Garuda/ Kill the Client/ Maleveller/ U-Boat
Saturday 10:00 PM- Roaming Soldiers

Fred's Texas Cafe
Friday 7:00 PM- Fish Fry Bingo!
Saturday Noon- Casey Tompson, 7:00 PM- My Wooden Leg
Sunday Noon- Will Hobbs, 6:00 PM- Scott Copeland

Love Shack
Friday 6:00 PM- VanillaFace Jones
Saturday 11:00 AM- Will Hobbs, 6:00 PM- Keepin It Real
Sunday 1:00 PM- Gary Kyle, 6:00 PM- Bobby Duncan

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