Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live Music & Thanksgiving Festivities | Weekend Schedule 11/23-11/27


Capital Bar:
Wednesday, 8:00pm – Geeks Who Drink Trivia
Thursday, Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, 10:00pm – Big Mike
Saturday, 10:00pm – Brad Thompson

Fred's Texas Cafe:
Wednesday, 7:00pm – Guthrie Kennard
Thursday, Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, 7:00pm – Maren Morris
Saturday, 3:00pm – Possum Posse
Saturday, 7:00pm – Drew Kennedy (CD Release)
Sunday, 3:00pm – Guthrie Kennard
Sunday, 6:00pm – Scott Copeland

Lola's Saloon:
Wednesday, 10:00pm – Telegraph Canyon/The Wheeler Brothers
Thursday, Opens at 2pm!
Friday, 10:00pm – Soundclash: Pablo and the Hemphill 5/Sally Majestic/The Raspas/Gonzo City
Saturday, 10:00pm – Salim Nourallah/The Apache 5/Kevin Aldridge and the Appraisers

Love Shack:
Wednesday, 6:00pm – Brad Hines
Thursday, Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, 6:00pm – Vanillaface Jones
Sunday, 6:00pm – Jack Doyle

Pour House:
Wednesday, 10:00pm – The Dick Beldings/DJ Danny West – giving away prizes all night!
Thursday, Opens at 6:00pm!
Friday, 10:00pm – Identity Theft/DJ Elements
Saturday, 10:00pm – Vegas Stars/DJ Eddie Love

The Wild Rooster:
Thursday, Opens at 3pm!
Friday, 10:00pm – Derek Larson/Possum Posse
Saturday, 10:00pm – PooLive Crew

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Live Music | Weekend Schedule 11/17-11/20/2011

Capital Bar:
Friday, 9:30pm – Brandin Lea
Saturday, 9:30pm – Craig Spence Project

Fred's Texas Cafe:
Thursday, 7:00pm – Chet Stevens Band
Friday, 7:00pm – Fish Fry Bingo!
Saturday, 3:00pm – Devin Leigh
Saturday, 7:00pm – Nick Verzosa (Full Band)
Sunday, 3:00pm – Will Hobbs
Sunday, 6:00pm – Ryan Ready

Lola's Saloon:
Thursday, 10:00pm – Jacob Metcalf/The Migrant/Chris Johnson (of Telegraph Canyon)
Friday, 10:00pm – Calhoun/The O's/Apache 5
Saturday, 10:00pm – Woodeye/The Me-Thinks/Badcreek

Love Shack:
Thursday, 6:00pm - Will Hobbs
Friday, 6:00pm – Jack Doyle
Sunday, 12:00pm – Sunday Football – Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Pour House:
Friday, 7:00pm – Poo Live Crew/DJ Elements
Saturday, 7:00pm – UFC Fight/Big Mouth/DJ Eddie Love

The Wild Rooster:
Friday, 10:00pm – GOODWIN/Skeleton Coast/The Demigs
Saturday, 10:00pm – Sweet Sexy Sugar