Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fort Worth Weekly Awards Ceremony & After Party

The Burning Hotels At Lola's.
Photo: Fort Worth Weekly

Music fans and their favorite musicians will be taking over our southwest corridor for the conclusion of the 2011 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards today (Sunday, July 10th). Of course, on 7th we are ready for that sort of party any day of the week.  With diverse nominees including Fate Lions, D. Anson Brody, Fish Fry Bingo, Calhoun, Burning Hotels, Christa Russell, Scott Copeland, The Orbans, Pinkish Black, Rabbit's Got the Gun and the Hanna Barbarians, it will showcase just how far we have come in the Fort to define a music scene of our own.

Musicians and fans around Fort Worth have been waiting and speculating while the Fort Worth Weekly tabulated the 10,000 plus votes to determine who was the best of the best. Winners will be announced at a private awards ceremony held this afternoon at Piper Hall (3008 Bledsoe Ave) the new event space from the owners of Capital Bar.  The ceremony will not just award winners in all the various categories.  It also honors others like the legendary 2011 Academy Award Winner T Bone Burnett for his extraordinary body of work and contribution to the music world.

Directly after the awards ceremony the musicians and their plus-ones make the 20 ft. trek from Piper Hall to Capital Bar for the FREE PUBLIC AFTERPARTY! Starting at 8pm, Sunday July 10th Capital Bar will be hosting the all-star jam including EPIC RUINS, The Hanna Barbarians, Josh Weathers & The True+Endeavors, Spoonfed Tribe, Quaker City Night Hawks, The Villain Vanguard, and more of your local favorites.

Come out tonight to celebrate with us, hear some killer live music and jams that are never to be duplicated on a stage again. Capital Bar will have the misters going on full blast to keep us all cool as the sun sets low. And take a few Ibuprofin and a full glass of water before you leave the house. You will thank us tomorrow morning.


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