Friday, February 24, 2012

A Marathon Is a Spectator Sport

A Marathon Is a Spectator Sport
by Susan E. Geissler for Street Business Association

This weekend we welcome runners from all over the world to Fort Worth for the Cowtown Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K. All races start and finish in the heart of the 7th Street/Cultural District at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. The support of the spectators is an integral part of a successful run. If this is your first time as a spectator, or even your tenth, there are ways to be the best support system for your runner and for the other runners on the course.

Be Prepared
Before the race make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable waiting 5-6 hours along the course. Bring a folding chair, a copy of the course map, bottled water, snack foods and entertainment. Charge your camera fully and bring a disposable back up in case. There is nothing worse than a dead battery or a malfunction when your friend runs past.

Find Your Runner
Know what your runner will be wearing, their planned mile per hour time, and any other identifying characteristics to help sort the runners apart. Things move fast and you will not have time to watch every person as they pass.

Make Signs
Even though the Cowtown is not as congested as the Chicago Marathon it can still be difficult for runners to find their people and vice-versa. Having an amusing, encouraging, and distinct sign can help provide some fun for the runner while also helping them locate you in the crowd of spectators.

Yell Loudly! Yell Proudly! (But Don't Yell This)
Any distance runner knows that spectators telling them "You're Almost There!" is the single most annoying phrase EVER. Unless you are standing on Mile Marker 26 this phrase should never leave your mouth. It can be very discouraging and misleading since the runner may not know exactly how far it really is to the finish and misinterpret your encouragement for fact. Come up with some great encouraging phrases that are supportive for your runner and the other runners on the course without derailing their mental game.

Make Friends
You are about to hang around other spectators who are supporting their friends and family. Ask your fellow race watch buddies the names of their runners and help them cheer. It not only makes the race more friendly from a community standpoint, but it makes it even more fun to have extra people to celebrate on the course.

Know and Respect the Course
Before you head to the race it's important to plot out your watching location. The course maps for the Cowtown are located here: Cowtown Marathon Course Maps It's a wise idea to let your runner know the approximate planned watching location in case their tracking devices fail. Also once the runner is in the zone they may not be as aware of their surroundings and miss you entirely. Have a plan and stick as closely to it as you can.

Also it is important to not obstruct the course. If you need to cross the course do not cross in a pack of people or walk directly across the route. Runners will not see you and if you collide you can seriously injure someone. Cross one at a time, diagonally towards the runners so you are looking out for them.  Hopefully you will not have to cross the course at any point, but if you do it's up to YOU to watch out for the participants.

Bring Emergency Provisions
If your runner knows you are on the course and have emergency provisions it can be a great weight off their mind, even if they do not eventually need them. A small pack with extra band-aids, blister gel packs, vaseline, a power bar, a decent tasting energy drink, fresh socks, rubber bands, a hat and some Ibuprofin for afterwards can save a runner from a lot of pain and frustration. They may breeze right on by you, but in case of emergency you are their hero.

Ouch, That's Going To Leave a Mark
When you and your runner are reunited post-race remember that this person just went through a very emotionally and physically draining event. Your proud vigorous hug may be met by both people falling over on the floor. Let them set the pace for physical contact and give your runner some recovery time.

Celebrate Good Times
Your runner has most likely been training and sacrificing for quite some time. After the race is the time for them to celebrate their success and also enjoy some of the spoils of victory with their supporters. It's a good idea to make reservations at a restaurant or bar for the runner and their friends prior to the raceday. After running that many miles they probably are not going to enjoy standing around waiting for beers or mimosas and food.  Most local businesses are going to be happy to accommodate your large party if you give them forewarning, even if it isn't a location that takes usually reservations. Ask for the owner or General Manager and see what you can plan. Often just asking the hostess is not enough.

After Care
The day after the run your friend is going to be sore. REALLY REALLY SORE. Even through the Ibuprofin soaked next day haze it's great to let them relive their experience as many times as they want. It's a big event. And when they add the coveted 26.2 or 13.1 sticker to their car make a big deal out of it. This is a major accomplishment but it's worth it. And give yourself a pat on the back for being a darn good friend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

7th Street Business Association’s Official Statement Regarding Towing at Montgomery Plaza

In light of recent towing activity at the Montgomery Plaza parking lot, the 7th Street Business Association would like to express our concern with the negative impact this story is having on our district as a whole. It is a well known fact that the district is severely under parked, but a solution, be it a central parking garage or some type of shuttle system, is going to be the only means of resolving the issue.

All property owners and their tenants benefit from a positive attitude and cooperative policies of their district neighbors, and all suffer from negative and aggressive press. The media coverage and social network distribution of the recent Montgomery Plaza towings are being viewed by thousands of Stock Show visitors and local residents, negatively affecting the entire 7th Street district.

We respect property owners' rights to protect their tenants and provide parking, but we ask that policies be reviewed and agreements with towing companies be modified so that visitors' cars are not damaged. We also ask that a warning system be implemented, and towing be a last resort.

We urge our City Council and public officials to work with us in forming a solution in which all of the businesses in the West 7th Street corridor will benefit. The city provides tax incentives to encourage urban development in our area, but has neglected to plan for the traffic and safety concerns that are associated with the development of this once industrial area.

The goal of the 7th Street Business Association is to promote and improve the public perception of the 7th Street district as a whole. We hope that all of the businesses in the area can work together in a peaceful coexistence in which everyone will benefit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live Music & Thanksgiving Festivities | Weekend Schedule 11/23-11/27


Capital Bar:
Wednesday, 8:00pm – Geeks Who Drink Trivia
Thursday, Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, 10:00pm – Big Mike
Saturday, 10:00pm – Brad Thompson

Fred's Texas Cafe:
Wednesday, 7:00pm – Guthrie Kennard
Thursday, Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, 7:00pm – Maren Morris
Saturday, 3:00pm – Possum Posse
Saturday, 7:00pm – Drew Kennedy (CD Release)
Sunday, 3:00pm – Guthrie Kennard
Sunday, 6:00pm – Scott Copeland

Lola's Saloon:
Wednesday, 10:00pm – Telegraph Canyon/The Wheeler Brothers
Thursday, Opens at 2pm!
Friday, 10:00pm – Soundclash: Pablo and the Hemphill 5/Sally Majestic/The Raspas/Gonzo City
Saturday, 10:00pm – Salim Nourallah/The Apache 5/Kevin Aldridge and the Appraisers

Love Shack:
Wednesday, 6:00pm – Brad Hines
Thursday, Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, 6:00pm – Vanillaface Jones
Sunday, 6:00pm – Jack Doyle

Pour House:
Wednesday, 10:00pm – The Dick Beldings/DJ Danny West – giving away prizes all night!
Thursday, Opens at 6:00pm!
Friday, 10:00pm – Identity Theft/DJ Elements
Saturday, 10:00pm – Vegas Stars/DJ Eddie Love

The Wild Rooster:
Thursday, Opens at 3pm!
Friday, 10:00pm – Derek Larson/Possum Posse
Saturday, 10:00pm – PooLive Crew

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Live Music | Weekend Schedule 11/17-11/20/2011

Capital Bar:
Friday, 9:30pm – Brandin Lea
Saturday, 9:30pm – Craig Spence Project

Fred's Texas Cafe:
Thursday, 7:00pm – Chet Stevens Band
Friday, 7:00pm – Fish Fry Bingo!
Saturday, 3:00pm – Devin Leigh
Saturday, 7:00pm – Nick Verzosa (Full Band)
Sunday, 3:00pm – Will Hobbs
Sunday, 6:00pm – Ryan Ready

Lola's Saloon:
Thursday, 10:00pm – Jacob Metcalf/The Migrant/Chris Johnson (of Telegraph Canyon)
Friday, 10:00pm – Calhoun/The O's/Apache 5
Saturday, 10:00pm – Woodeye/The Me-Thinks/Badcreek

Love Shack:
Thursday, 6:00pm - Will Hobbs
Friday, 6:00pm – Jack Doyle
Sunday, 12:00pm – Sunday Football – Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Pour House:
Friday, 7:00pm – Poo Live Crew/DJ Elements
Saturday, 7:00pm – UFC Fight/Big Mouth/DJ Eddie Love

The Wild Rooster:
Friday, 10:00pm – GOODWIN/Skeleton Coast/The Demigs
Saturday, 10:00pm – Sweet Sexy Sugar

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Great Solution to a Messy Situation!!

Admit it. You love watching “Hoarders,” “Enough Already!” and all the other organizing shows that take people’s massive amounts of clutter, drop kicks it to the curb and creates a wonderfully organized home. 
Who doesn’t? We all love a good makeover and sometimes these shows present homes that are the train wreck that we just can’t look away from.
Did you know that we have someone in our area that can help you accomplish the same makeover feeling – minus the train wreck – in your own home? 7th Street Business Association member Melinda Massie and her business, Organizing with a Side of Fabulous can do just that without putting everything out on your front lawn for the world to see. After years in the ballroom dance and event planning industries, Melinda is putting her style and meticulous organizational skills to work in client homes all over North Texas and was recently named Best Personal Organizer 2011 by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine. If your home is, as she puts it, a “hot mess” then she will help you take control over your clutter, organize your home and teach you new habits so that it will stay organized.

We recently spoke with Melinda to ask her how becoming organized benefits everyone.
“My clients’ homes range from a couple of neglected problem areas to whole house clutter issues,” Melinda says. “They are all also across the board when it comes to budget. I may be working with Payless Shoes one day and Prada the next. Organizational issues don’t discriminate.”
Among all of the individual benefits that comes with getting organized, she gave us five major benefits that are universal to everyone – space, time, money, energy and mental health.
  • Space – When you keep what you need, discard what you don’t and consciously organize what you’re keeping in a way that works well, you will find that you gain useful space in your home. Melinda sees a lot of homes that have poorly or awkwardly designed storage. With a little tweaking and creative vision, she makes these awkward spaces work.
  • Time - When everything in your home has a place where it belongs, you save much time because you aren’t continually hunting for what you need.
  • Money – Melinda tells us that money is lost in a disorganized home in a number of different ways. “You may lose money because you can’t find the bills, pay them late and end up paying late fees that could have been avoided. Same goes for parking tickets. I’ve found many uncashed checks, unused gift cards and cash hidden in drawers and other areas,” she says. There can also be a problem of purchasing items you already own because you can’t find them when you need them. “If you can’t find something, you purchase it again only to find what you needed later after you have already spent that money. I see this all the time as I work through pantries. A client recently told me that after our work together, cleaning out her pantry coupled with my tips saved her over $150 on her next grocery trip.”
  • Energy - You don’t waste energy looking for what you need when you know where it is. Every little bit of saved energy can then be put to better use where you want or need it – socializing, relaxing, time with family and friends, and focus at work.
  • Mental health – Melinda tells us that being disorganized drags us down emotionally in so many ways. “Most disorganized and cluttered people have nonstop mental chatter about it. The nagging every time they walk into a home that doesn’t welcome them. The guilt. ‘Why am I having a good time, going out, watching this movie or any other activity when I should be cleaning my clutter?’ The overwhelm of not knowing where to start. The ‘doorbell dread.’ Fear of someone coming over unexpectedly and seeing everything in such disarray. This also ties in with the energy we lose from clutter. All that mental chatter sucks at your energy. Most clients find they’ve spent way more time telling themselves to do it than it actually took to do it.” She also said that clutter can exasperate mental conditions such as depression. “Depression can be a cause in clutter and clutter contributes to the depression. It can be a vicious circle. However, when you’re ready to deal with the clutter, it becomes easier with help.”
Do these benefits sound good to you? If you and your home need some clutter control then let Melinda Massie and Organizing with a Side of Fabulous help you take charge of your clutter and reclaim your house!
Melinda Massie
Organizing with a Side of Fabulous

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Live Music & Halloween Festivities | Weekend Schedule 10/27-10/30

Thursday, 9:30pm – My Wooden Leg
Friday, 9:30pm - Drive
Saturday, 9:30pm – High Definition

Friday, 5:00pm - Kyle Redd
Friday, 7:00pm – BlackTop Gypsy
Saturday, 3:00pm – Jody Jones
Saturday, 7:00pm – The O's
Sunday, 12:00pm - Will Hobbs
Sunday, 3:00pm – Derek Larson
Sunday, 6:00pm – Parallel Play

Lola's Saloon:
Thursday, 10:00pm – Graham Colton/Matthew Mayfield
Friday, 10:00pm – Dax Riggs/RTB2
Saturday, 10:00pm – Nightmare on 6th Street III – Dead Man's Saloon featuring My Wooden Leg & The Elf-Men

Love Shack
Thursday, 6:00pm - Will Hobbs
Friday, 6:00pm – Jack Doyle
Saturday, 11:00am - Will Hobbs
Saturday, 6:00pm – James Hinkle
Sunday, 7:20pm – Sunday Night Football – Philly Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

Pour House
Friday, 7:00pm – Anniversary Party/Incognito/DJ Elements
Saturday, 7:00pm – UFC Fight/Costume Contest w Cash Prizes/DJ Flip Z/DJ Eddie Love
Sunday, 7:00pm – Service Industry Party/Costume Contest w Cash Prize/DJ Roz & DJ Flip Z

The Wild Rooster
Friday, 10:00pm – Halloween Show! Scary Cherry/the Bang Bangs

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live Music at Visit7th | Weekend Schedule 9/1-9/4

Capital Bar
Thursday, 9:30pm - The Tone Masters
Friday, 9:30pm - Craig Spence Project
Saturday, 9:30pm - Turning Trixie

Fred's Texas Cafe:
Thursday, 7:00pm - Owen Temple
Friday, 7:00pm - Kyle Redd Band w/The Texas Hammers
Saturday, 12:00pm - Scott Copeland
Saturday, 7:00pm - Drew Kennedy
Sunday, 12:00pm - Will Hobbs
Sunday, 6:00pm - Paul Renna

Lola's Saloon:
Thursday, 9:30pm - Igneous Grimm/Bass Drum/Funk Nug
Friday, 10:00pm - Olivers Army
Saturday, 10:00pm - The Ugly Beats/New Fumes/Dim Locator

Love Shack
Thursday, 6:00pm - Will Hobbs
Friday, 6:00pm - Big Mike
Saturday, 11:00am - Will Hobbs
Saturday, 6:00pm - Keepin It Real
Sunday, 1:00pm - Vanilla Face Jones
Sunday, 6:00pm - Devin Leigh

Pour House
Friday, 7:00pm - Back to School Bash/Good Question/DJ Elements
Saturday, 7:00pm - Back to School Bash/Chris Boss & The Fuss/DJ Eddie Love
Sunday, 7:00pm - Back to School Bash/Jettison Blue/DJ Bedtime from L.A.

The Wild Rooster
Thursday, 9:00pm - Canvas Waiting/Spiral Sound/John Lefler
Friday, 10:00pm - SOUL TRACK MIND w/Villian Vanguard
Saturday, 10:00pm - Oil Boom/Fate Lions/Bravo Max!