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Il Cane Rosso at Times Ten Cellars

by Josie Villa-Singleton on April 28, 2011
Twitter: @etfw
The second entry in my series on Food Trucks in Fort Worth.

You don’t have to fly to Italy or cruise around the streets of Napoli on a Vespa if you seek an authentic Neapolitan style pizza. Heck, you don’t even have to drive down I-30 to Dallas. Just get yourself to Il Cane Rosso on Thursday nights in Fort Worth, Vespa optional.


Il Cane Rosso makes their pizzas not in a food truck but in an oven imported from Italy that’s mounted onto a custom trailer. It’s not just the oven that makes this pizza authentic Neapolitan style pizza, it’s also the quality of the ingredients. The dough contains special “double zero” flour along with sea salt, water, and yeast. The simplest of ingredients yields the tastiest of returns with a slightly crispy, thin crust that delivers a satisfying bite.


Take that first bite and you will also taste the quality of the toppings. Now, quality doesn’t come cheap so don’t expect dollar slices here. You may be eating from a food trailer but that doesn’t mean they have skimped on ingredients. We’re a long way from Domino’s when words like “hand crushed San Marzano tomatoes” and “hand pulled, made in house mozzarella” describe the ingredients. That’s what makes the pizza authentic and worth the price. Expect to pay $12-15 per pizza.


Food nerds will really enjoy watching the pizzas being made from start to finish. I had a little moment of childish excitement as I watched pizza dough being stretched and given a toss into the air. Once the toppings go on and the pie goes into the blazing hot oven it does not take long for the pizzas to be ready.


You’ll find this gem of a pizza trailer in Fort Worth on Thursday nights at Times Ten Cellars. Naturally a little vino should accompany your pizza – we went with a Malbec. A glass of wine will cost around $8, with some bottles starting at $18. If you’d like your pizza alfresco, I’d sit on the lovely side patio overlooking Foch Street. Otherwise enjoy your pizza in the elegant dining area or conversation niches at Times Ten.

We were overwhelmed by Il Cane Rosso’s many pizza choices, so we ended up letting the chef decide by choosing the special pizza of the evening. The combination of sausage, sopresatta, red onion, and basil held up nicely on the wood fired crust. Spicy toppings, silky mozzarella, and a firm crust – love at first bite!


Il Cane Rosso saves you the airfare to Italy by bringing you the most authentic Italian Pizza you’ll find in Fort Worth. Beyond all the details that make this an authentic Neapolitan style pizza the proof is in the bite – and there’s greatness in each one.

Il Cane Rosso Mobile Oven (only on Thursdays)

in front of Times Ten Cellars 5PM – 8:30PM or until the dough runs out

110 Foch Street

Fort Worth

Follow them on Twitter for updates: @canerosso


Also check out their new Deep Ellum restaurant at 2612 Commerce Street, Dallas.

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