Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Fort Worth Weekly 2011 Music Awards Festival Schedule

The Pour House
4pm: Sean Russell
5pm: Jefferson Colby
6pm: Quaker City Night Hawks
7pm: Luke Wade & No Civilians
8pm: Josh Weathers & The True+Endeavors
9pm: Spoonfed Tribe

Fred's Texas Cafe
4pm: Derek Larson & The Leavers
5pm: Maren Morris
6pm: Scott Copeland
7pm: Pablo & the Hempill 7
8pm: My Wooden Leg
9pm: Holy Moly

Capital Bar
4pm: The Spiral Sound
5pm: The Cush
6pm: The Orbans
7pm: Calhoun
8pm: Snakey Robers (featuring members of Green River Ordinance)
9pm: Tim Halperin

Poag Mahone's 
4pm: Igneous Grimm
5pm: Cityview
6pm: Phanton Caste
7pm: Secret Ghost Champion
8pm: Titanmoon
9pm: Skeleton Coast

The Grotto
4pm: Dru B Shinin'
5pm: Alan
6pm: Browningham
7pm: Rabbit's Got the Gun
8pm: Katsuk
9pm: The Hanna Barbarians

Lola's Saloon 
4pm: 1945
5pm: Kevin Aldridge
6pm: Whiskey Folk Ramblers
7pm: Stella Rose
8pm: The Burning Hotels

7th Haven 
4pm: The Hendersons
5pm: JJ & The Rogues
6pm: Fate Lions
7pm: Beauxregard
8pm: Pinkish Black
9pm: Sally Majestic

Magnolia Motor Lounge
4pm: Strung, Drawn & Quartered (featuring Kavin Allenson, Darrin Kobetich, and Bill Pohl)
5pm: D. Anson Brody
6pm: Earthquake Country
7pm: Taylor Craig Mills
8pm: Fish Fry Bingo
9pm: Clint Niosi


  1. So...
    Dru at the Grotto at 4
    The haul to see the Cush at Capital at 5
    Quaker City at Poag's at 6
    Pablo at Fred's at 7 - grab dinner
    Finish it off with Pinkish Black and Sally at 7th Haven
    How's that for a slice of fried gold?

  2. Sounds like the kind of line up we could get behind too! See you out and about at the Awards!

  3. How am I ever gonna be at Fred's, Lola's, The Pourhouse and Capital Bar all at 6pm. Hmmmm so many awesome choices.