Thursday, January 19, 2012

7th Street Business Association’s Official Statement Regarding Towing at Montgomery Plaza

In light of recent towing activity at the Montgomery Plaza parking lot, the 7th Street Business Association would like to express our concern with the negative impact this story is having on our district as a whole. It is a well known fact that the district is severely under parked, but a solution, be it a central parking garage or some type of shuttle system, is going to be the only means of resolving the issue.

All property owners and their tenants benefit from a positive attitude and cooperative policies of their district neighbors, and all suffer from negative and aggressive press. The media coverage and social network distribution of the recent Montgomery Plaza towings are being viewed by thousands of Stock Show visitors and local residents, negatively affecting the entire 7th Street district.

We respect property owners' rights to protect their tenants and provide parking, but we ask that policies be reviewed and agreements with towing companies be modified so that visitors' cars are not damaged. We also ask that a warning system be implemented, and towing be a last resort.

We urge our City Council and public officials to work with us in forming a solution in which all of the businesses in the West 7th Street corridor will benefit. The city provides tax incentives to encourage urban development in our area, but has neglected to plan for the traffic and safety concerns that are associated with the development of this once industrial area.

The goal of the 7th Street Business Association is to promote and improve the public perception of the 7th Street district as a whole. We hope that all of the businesses in the area can work together in a peaceful coexistence in which everyone will benefit.

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