Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live Music at Visit7th | Weekend Schedule 8/18-8/21

Capital Bar
Thursday, 9:30pm - My Wooden Leg
Friday, 9:30pm - Drive
Saturday, 10:00pm - Brad Thompson

Fred's Texas Cafe:
Thursday, 7:00pm - Kevin Aldridge
Friday, 7:00pm - Matt Skinner
Saturday, 12:00pm - Jody Jones
Saturday, 7:00pm - Chris & Lolly
Sunday, 12:00pm - Will Hobbs
Sunday, 6:00pm - Devin Leigh

Lola's Saloon:
Thursday, 9:30pm - The Phuss/Darstar/The Skeeves
Friday, 10:00pm - Oil Boom/Jessie Frye/The Treeliners
Saturday, 10:00pm - Telegraph Canyon/Seryn

Love Shack
Thursday, 6:00pm - Will Hobbs
Friday, 6:00pm - Kenny Uptain
Saturday, 11:00am - Will Hobbs
Saturday, 6:00pm - Brad Hines
Sunday, 1:00pm - Josh Weathers
Sunday, 6:00pm - Kyle Redd

Pour House
Friday, 7:00pm - Rabbits Got the Gun
Saturday, 7:00pm - Big Mouth

The Wild Rooster
Friday, 9:00pm - Roaming Soldiers w/Vallejo
Saturday, 10:00pm - The Floorwalkers/Velvet Love Box


  1. Wild Rooster actually has Roaming Soldiers w/ Vallejo on Friday and The Floorwalkers w/Velvet Love Box on Saturday. Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for letting us know! Just saw the update on the website.